Luxury Apartments Offered for Sullivan Avenue Plaza in South Windsor | Windsor South

SOUTH WINDSOR – The first major development plan, which includes 125 luxury apartments known as Sullivan Avenue Plaza, has been filed for the Geissler supermarket and, if approved, could bring in $ 601,238 in additional tax revenue to the city, officials said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the proposal and an application to change the zone from a commercial development to a mixed-use development on April 13.

In addition to the apartments, the $ 30 million project includes renovating 60,740 square feet of retail space in the nearly deserted plaza where the Geissler Supermarket is located at 959 Sullivan Ave. to make room for restaurants, a cafe, a lounge or a brasserie. said Greg Nanni, managing director of Prospect Enterprises, the owner’s management and development officer of the place.

In January 2020, the PZC voted 5-2 to add wording to the zoning bylaws, clearing the way for design professionals representing REESG Newco South Windsor LLC to submit the project to the PZC.

This was the first of three steps to approve the project. If the PZC approves the zone change and the developer’s development plan, the final step would include submitting a site plan for approval.

“We are really looking forward to a mixed-use development, which creates a synergy between residential and apartment uses where one helps reinvigorate the other,” said Nanni. “This will bring a lot of economic vitality to the Sullivan Avenue area and hopefully serve as an impetus for renovations to other development projects in the city area.” “

The existing Hot Leathers store at the end of the square would be demolished to make way for the construction of four three-story buildings to house the 125 apartments which include the following: 17 studios, 66 one-bedroom and 42 two-bedroom units.

Regulations require 10% of these units to be affordable, which REESG Newco intends to adhere to and provide information at the site plan stage, according to town planner Michele Lipe’s report on the project.

The proposed plan also includes the renovation of the old gas station at the northwest corner of the site and its conversion into a convenience store.

Mayor Andrew Paterna said the proposed development in Geissler Square would bring “new life to an area that has long needed help”.

Paterna said he hopes the project will also help boost economic development in the Sullivan Avenue shopping area.

“This project will be a welcome addition to South Windsor,” he said.

General Manager Michael Maniscalco agreed.

“The redevelopment of Geissler Square is an important first step for the Sullivan Avenue shopping area,” he said. “Our hope is that this will be the first of many investments in this part of the city. “

A tax analysis of the plan prepared by Donald J. Poland of Goman and York, the developer’s planning and design firm, revealed that the proposed mixed-use development would have a positive impact on property values ​​in the area.

The analysis also indicated that the development would create 101 construction jobs and 20 permanent jobs.

Kwesi Brown of SLR International Corporation performed a traffic analysis of the area, which revealed that it would be able to accommodate the traffic that would be generated by the proposed development.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Pendleton said the proposed development is a “beautiful and welcome addition” that will meet a need. She also stressed that it is essential to support family businesses such as Geissler’s.