Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens at Park Avenue Plaza | New

TOWNSHIP OF VERNON – A medical marijuana dispensary is set to hit storefronts at Park Avenue Plaza shopping mall soon.

Scott Phillis, owner of South Park Place Inc., told the Tribune on Wednesday that a lease had been granted for a Rise medical marijuana dispensary at the former Key Bank location, 18914 Park Avenue Plaza. Phillis said the lease was in the name of a parent company of Rise, although he was hesitant to provide more details.

“I just don’t know from a (public relations) point of view what they’re doing and what they don’t want,” he said.

Vernon Township Director Robert Horvat, who is also the Township Zoning Officer, confirmed Rise’s request and obtained a Township Zoning Permit for the location. The permit was issued on January 5.

Horvat also said in Rise’s permit application that the company plans to renovate the building that will house the storefront for $ 385,000. Horvat didn’t know when the dispensary would open.

“We welcome all new businesses to the township,” he said.

An email and phone call to Green Thumb Industries, Rise’s parent company, went unanswered on Wednesday. The company has two job postings on its website for a general manager and an assistant general manager for the Meadville area.

It would not be the first Rise dispensary in the region. The company has 14 in total statewide. The closest dispensaries to Meadville are two in Erie and one in Hermitage. The company also lists locations in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio on its website.

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