Now a drive-thru vaccination center at DLF Avenue Mall in Saket South Delhi

The fee for getting vaccinated at the DLF Avenue Mall facilities in Saket is Rs 1,100.

New Delhi:

A two-day drive-thru vaccination camp for people aged 18 to 44 is being held in a shopping center in the nation’s capital.

People can now walk to DLF Avenue Mall in Saket in South Delhi and get medical treatment without getting out of their car. The center will operate between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today and tomorrow, with 200 slots each.

Max Hospital collaborated with DLF Avenue Mall to organize the two-day camp, charging Rs 1,100 per dose.

The vaccination process takes 15 to 20 minutes. After taking the jab, beneficiaries benefit from a 30-minute waiting period in the parking lot.

More than 25 Max Hospital staff, including medics, have been deployed to three cabins located in the DLF Avenue Mall.

Antara Madhvan, 23, was among those who were vaccinated there today. “It was very convenient. We didn’t have to stand in line for hours. That way we reduce exposure to the virus,” she said.

Her mother, who was driving the car, said: “We have heard so many cases of people going to a vaccination center and becoming positive a few days later, possibly due to their exposure to the virus at the center. because they are all very crowded. This facility ensures that my child is safely vaccinated with absolute social distancing. “

Another beneficiary, Abu Musa, wanted more of such facilities.

The COVID-19 lockdown has been extended for a week in the nation’s capital.

Delhi recorded 956 new cases on Saturday, the lowest in more than two months, and 122 more deaths from the infection as the positivity rate fell to 1.19% from a high of 36% in March, according to the reports. data shared by the health department.