What Is The Cost Of A Hotel Quarantine?

While the Covid-19 pandemic and the Omicron variation continue to cause havoc, a new category of unexpected travel charges emerges. If you test positive, a hotel quarantine may be costly. Recognize the possible expenses associated with travel in the new normal.

What is the definition of a Quarantine Hotel?

Quarantine hotels are government-mandated facilities meant for the temporary housing of persons afflicted with the Covid-19 virus. They may also be used to lodge tourists who do not fulfill the country’s entry standards. You will not be authorized to leave a quarantined hotel, so keep this in mind while arranging your vacation.

Let the name “hotel” deceive you; the Hotel California is the only hotel that resembles a quarantine facility. Scattered stories have described quarantine accommodations with black mold-covered walls, meals contaminated with green mold, and you get the picture. The good news is that this is not the norm and that most homes will more than meet your demands during your mandated quarantine.

While some nations provide lodgings brimming with luxuries and other features designed to make your stay more pleasant, others offer accommodations stripped down to the bare essentials with few comforts and services. On the other hand, most quarantine sites deliver meals, beverages, and Covid-19 testing. Numerous packages additionally include transportation to and from the site.

They often do not cover room cleaning since this negates the aim of isolating persons infected with a complex illness. Additional amenities, such as laundry, vary per property.

What Are the Costs of Quarantine Hotels?

The cost of a quarantine hotel stay varies significantly by nation and even by city. The one thing that most quarantine hotels have in common is that you are responsible for paying the bill.

It’s essential to remember that the cost of obligatory quarantine accommodations varies often. Governments often change their policies regarding international passengers. The prices below are subject to change and do not reflect whether you are permitted to enter. Our updated information will help you learn more about which countries U.S citizens are allowed to enter.

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The following are some examples of charges to expect if you are compelled to stay in a quarantine accommodation while traveling:

Kingdom of the United

A quarantine hotel in the United Kingdom will cost an arm and a leg. For a single adult tourist, rooms cost £2,285 ($3,037). Additional guests will charge £1,430 ($1,900). Each kid aged 5-12 pays £325 (USD 432).


Adults will pay NZD 3,086 (USD 2,100) to remain in “controlled isolation” in New Zealand. Children over three cost around $465 New Zealand dollars (USD 323). Children under the age of three are not charged.

Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong charges varied rates based on the kind of accommodation. Some facilities also provide the option of upgrading from a basic room to a suite. Whatever alternative you pick, expect to be billed per person sharing a room.

For instance, the government-designated Best Western Plus Hotel Hong Kong charges HKD 590 (about USD 75) per night for one adult in a non-suite room and HKD 730 (approximately USD 94) per adult in a suite. A complete list of government-appointed quarantine hotels in Hong Kong may be found here.


Staying in an Australian quarantine hotel will cost you according to the number of individuals in your group. The cost for one adult is $2,500 AUD ($1,774 USD). The cost of lodging for a family sharing is AUD 5,000 (about USD 3,547). If you must remain longer than the obligatory 14 days, an additional ten days will cost AUD 1,750 (USD 1241) per person or AUD 3,500 (about USD 2,483) per family.


Thailand quarantine hotels include a diverse selection of government-accredited establishments. You may select from more affordable homes to luxurious hotels. The cost varies significantly across properties. Each facility provides various package options.

For instance, The Landmark Bangkok, a high-end luxury hotel facility, charges 6,900 THB (about USD 240) per person for the first night in a premium room, including meals. The subsequent nights will cost 2,700 THB (about USD 80) per person, including meals.

Travel Insurance for Pandemics

Numerous nations require travelers to acquire pandemic-related insurance. However, even if it is not needed, purchasing a plan is generally in your best interest. What is pandemic travel insurance, exactly?

Pandemic travel insurance is a kind of travel insurance coverage that covers expenditures associated with pandemics. For instance, it may cover the expense of hospitalization for Covid-19-related problems and hotel quarantine charges if you test positive. Costs are modest and may result in long-term savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


If you get Covid-19 while traveling, you may be required to stay in a quarantined hotel for all charges and penalties. Do your study on the locations you want to visit. Finally, purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for pandemic-related expenses. The comfort of mind alone justifies purchasing pandemic travel insurance.